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Liam Reynolds    

                                              About the Artist


                                                       Liam Reynolds is a brilliant self-taught visionary artist                                                                   whose work represents a deep connection to the                                                                       universe through sensuous and personal scenes. Liam                                                                 was born in Saint-John, New Brunswick in late 2000,                                                               and ever since he could hold onto a crayon, he has                                                                 been decorating his world with an endless stream of                                                                 creativity, emotion, and love.



Mainly manifesting himself through painting and ink drawings, Liam has recently started dancing with mixed media arts (which he will display in his upcoming exhibitions) and traditional oil painting which Liam describes as his "secret projects". Currently, Liam has his work in the homes of countless private collectors around Guelph and had just finished multiple exhibitions at Guelph’s fine downtown establishments.


During this next stage of his career, Liam will be focusing on curating more public exhibitions and art installations, as well as private events and artistic celebrations.

Thank You For Your Time

"Peace and Love be with You"


Discovering early on in life his fire for creating art, Liam has been led down the beautiful path of artistry and self-expression. He is now a passionate and dedicated artist who is striving to create the best, most honest art he can. His influences range from 

Rothko and Haring to Billout, Dali, Magritte, Warhol, Kusama, Van Gogh, and Hseih. A special Love is held by Liam for the Impressionist movement, the Fauvism movement, the Minimalist movement, as well as performance art. 

Various Pictures of the Artist

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