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Liam Reynolds (b.2000) is a dedicated visionary artist and art curator who’s compositions come from unconscious and meditative sessions. Of mixed settler and Mi’kmaq heritage, Liam’s scenes represent his own humanity and our connections to the universe around us through a design oriented and symbolic approach. Striving to make the most impactful and honest art he can, Liam inquires into how colour, form, and space have inherent meanings and emotions connected to them and how his work can create a spiritual space for introspection.


The artist has his work in the homes of countless national and international collectors and patrons, as well as multiple respected establishments. Liam is always eager to begin new endeavours and exhibits as he shifts his focus to more national and international projects.​

"As an artist I strive to create art that is visually striking and emotionally resonant. Utilising oil paint on paper, acrylic on canvas, and often mixed media, my work is centred around simplicity, design, and colour. I am constantly in pursuit of capturing a delicate contrast of hues and values, which serve to amplify visual cues and give depth to form. Through abstract and minimalist techniques, I aim to evoke a sense of awe and contemplation. In my art, I explore the duality of celebrating life's beauty while acknowledging a profound fear of death. It is in this exploration of contrasting emotions that my art finds its purpose, both celebrating and grappling with life's uncertain fragility. It's through the embrace of these contrasting themes that I hope to create a connection with the viewer that transcends the surface."

To stay up to date with the artist you can sign up to his news letter by filling out the contact form, or follow him on instagram @reynoldsarts.


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