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Période de Couleur | March-Sept 2023

La Période de Couleur is a collection of the artists most recent artistic research and introspection. This work invites you to explore a harmonious blend of vibrant emotion and contemplative minimalism. A symphony of intense reds, temperamental greens, and a plethora of nuanced earth tones, the artist navigates a delicate balance between abstraction and representationalism. This journey is punctuated by monochromatic, dichromatic, and trichromatic expression, each stroke urging you to contemplate the boundaries of perception, the temporal fragility of it all, and what it means to be a human in the midst.

"But more than any of that, these select works are my own sort of obsessive attempts at trying to find some sort of way to express how I feel. These are my offerings, my poems, and my vitality."

-Liam Reynolds in regards to la Période de Couleur

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