Necessary Arts Exhibition|feb 2022

In February of 2022, Liam hosted a two week public exhibition in the very heart of Guelph's beloved downtown. Entitled "Reynolds Exhibition", it features an intimate set of works; all of which are held very close to the artist's heart. This exhibition features passion, chaos, love, and growth, and comes from a time of great transition in the artist's life.

-thank you.

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In a time where the whole world was seemingly being swept from under Liam's feet. The artist decide to make this small group of works as a means to ground himself in the present. The first untitled abstract work represents the chaos that this universe seems to present itself as. The following two are siblings. The Cabin, which represents safety and refuge, then the Flowers, which represent growth and vitality. Finally, the Dancers, which represent self expression, and the ecstasy of doing so freely. 

Thank You

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