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A Matter of Time | May 2024

Curated by Sasha Court Studios, Liam got the thrilling opportunity to participate in A Matter of Time. A captivating group show that included a fresh collection of ceramics from the Curator herself. Aimed to not only gift the world a chance to peak into Sasha's current practice but also to exemplify the contemporary scene of Canada's emerging artists. The forefront of Modern Art.

The show consisted of fifteen artists: Shayla Bond, Sasha Court, Ashley Delaney, Kayla Gauthier, Kristen Harper, Shaelyn Hofer, Dasha Klymenko, Agathe Legendre, Deedee Morris, Abigail Reinhart, Sean Ross, Liam Reynolds, Raphaëlle Rieu, Sebastian Troy Pratt, and Alissa Whalen.

"From textiles and graphics to ceramics and mixed media, the common thread among the artists is heart, at a time when it is needed more than ever.

The exhibition honours the patience our spirit holds for us to be ready to meet it again. It waits for us to choose everything else before it. With enough perseverance, it is just a matter of time before we start choosing it. 

A Matter of Time is a medium to take people out of the everyday. To feel alive. "

Photos courtesy of Sasha Court Studios

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